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When it comes to radio stations in The Namoi Valley, you have a variety of options that cater to different interests and preferences. Here's a rundown of all the local community and commercial radio stations that are available in the area and their respective bands and frequencies:


Band: AM

Frequency: 1530 kHz

2VM is a commercial radio station that plays classic hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It also broadcasts news, weather updates, and community events.

88.9 FM Tamworth

Band: FM

Frequency: 88.9 MHz

This is a community radio station that focuses on providing local news, sports updates, and music from various genres such as country, rock, and pop.


Band: FM

Frequency: 91.3 MHz

2MAX FM is another community radio station that covers a wide range of topics such as interviews with local personalities, current events, and music from the 50s to the 90s.


Band: FM

Frequency: 103.9 MHz

2WAY FM is a volunteer-run radio station that features music shows, talk shows, and broadcasts of local events such as the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

ABC New England North West

Band: AM

Frequency: 918 kHz

This is a national radio network that provides news updates, current affairs, and programs that cover a variety of topics such as sports, science, and the arts.

Breeze FM

Band: FM

Frequency: 93.1 MHz

Breeze FM plays a mix of music from various decades and genres such as rock, pop, and country. It also provides news, weather updates, and traffic reports.

Hit NW

Band: FM

Frequency: 105.1 MHz

Hit NW is a commercial radio station that focuses on playing the latest pop hits. It also features talk shows, news updates, and contests.

Star FM

Band: FM

Frequency: 92.9 MHz

Star FM is another commercial radio station that mainly plays pop music from the 90s to the present. It also features talk shows, news updates, and promotions.

These are all the radio stations that are receivable in The Namoi Valley. Whether you're into classic hits, country music, or the latest pop hits, there's a station for you.

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